What we offer

P3 run a broad series of events, which fall under the following general categories:

Panel events: these cover a range of topics that challenge conventional thinking around families.

Brown bag lunches: small group sessions with a facilitating parent who will openly discuss their family journey and who, under Chatham House Rules, will openly answer any questions participants have. Past examples included: (i) lesbian mothers talking about how they decided among themselves who will carry the child; (ii) an adopter explaining how they dealt with a social worker who was not very LGBT-friendly; (iii) how to choose your surrogate; (iv) a foster mother talking about her relationship with the LGBT+ parents who adopted a child she had fostered; and (v) how parents can explain same-sex families to their children.

Play Dates: an opportunity for LGBT+ parents (and allies) and their children to get to socialise on weekends with other like-minded families;

Coaching/Mentoring programme: a unique programme for (predominantly) LGBT+ professionals to be coached and mentored in respect of varying issues across juggling the demands of parenting and their careers;

Sports teams: a lively and healthy way to network. P3 participates in a regular dodgeball league, has teams in various running races, and even puts teams into parent/child races so that families can participate together;

Advisory: P3 regularly works with diversity & inclusion specialists at various organisations to assess parental leave policies and inclusive language in various internal corporate materials. P3 is also regularly appointed as family content provider to various broad community events;

Championing Social Change: through targeted campaigns, P3 looks to challenge perceived norms and biases to help create more inclusive environments in society as a whole.

P3’s key message is that family is about love and not restricted by a parent’s sex or sexuality. P3 looks to break down heteronormative stereotyping, working to encourage a more inclusive environment at work, in schools, and in the community at large. P3 provides a safe space for those within the LGBT+ community, or those parents in under-represented families, to explore the very emotional and personal subject of creating and having a non-traditional or under-represented family.