What Do We Need?

We need your help! As an entirely volunteer run organisation, we aim to make getting involved with us is easy and fun! Joining the P3 Family as a volunteer will allow you to meet some pretty awesome people, expand your skills, add to your CV, and genuinely help to change the world to make it a more inclusive and accepting place. Remember wanting to make an impact and do good for the world? Join the P3 family as a volunteer and see the direct impact you can have on people’s lives.


There are different ways to get involved:

Dedicated Part of the Team: become a regular member of the P3 Family. We couldn’t achieve everything we do if it wasn’t for the dedicated team that make the day to day magic happen. We need people with a broad and diverse skill set. Volunteer commitments start from as little as 2hrs/week and can be done remotely. See what open positions we currently have here.

Employer Supported Volunteering: if your employer offers volunteer days, we are happy to speak to them if we are not already an approved not-for-profit. Join us as an individual or as a team, and help drive a dedicated task, whether on-site from your workplace or with us at one of our events. Email us for more information.

Let Others Hear Your Story: we are always on the look-out for amazing panellists who want to share their stories and engage with our audiences on a host of diverse stories. If you’d be willing to offer a voice and different perspective, whether to an audience of 10 or 100, get in touch. Email us with a short description of your story.

Mentoring & Coaching: we love partnering people up who can help each other through particular aspects of their family journey, whether at the family creation stage, the return to work stage, or even just dealing with juggling it. We offer all of our coaches a dedicated training programme and regular networking events to meet up and continue to learn and grow together. Email us with a short description of where you think you can add value to someone else.


To discuss volunteering with us, please contact Michael Newton on Michael@thep3network.com