Our Objectives

P3 supports existing and prospective non-traditional or under-represented families in 4 ways:

Information: P3 is an information resource providing one-stop general information and signposting about (i) the various options for creating families – from both the legal, and, more importantly, emotional perspective; (ii) parental leave rights; and (iii) reading library materials.

Education: P3 educates employers, colleagues, and non-LGBT+ parents about LGBT+ parenting, with the key message that LGBT+ parents and families are no different to non-LGBT+ parents and more traditional families. Our education work encourages the creation of more inclusive work environments where LGBT+ individuals can be more authentic, and be thought of in the round/whole.

Role-modelling: P3 provides visible role models for those who may think (i) LGBT+ parenting is not achievable; and (ii) that they can not bring their whole selves to work.

General support and networking: P3 provides a networking opportunity for LGBT+ parents and prospective parents to meet, for LGBT+ families to network at play dates and across family sports events, and for non-LGBT+ parents who created their family in a non-traditional way to meet other parents who face general heteronormative stereotypes to family creation.