As a small organisation, we are dependent on the generosity of donations and those who help us fundraise. You can help support us in different ways:

Charity of the Year Programmes: we would love to be your organisation’s Charity of the Year. Given our size and the fact that we continue to be all volunteer-led, all donations have a real impact and you can see the direct change of your contributions, none of which go to staff salaries or excessive overheads.

Donations in Kind: we keep our operating costs down through the generous contribution of donations in kind, such as helping us build our apps, print and design services, provision of facilities for events, and so on.

Raising Money as Part of a Campaign: we have had some pretty amazing individuals run some exciting fundraising campaigns that we have supported in every way possible. The more creative the campaign, the more excited we get.

Sporting Events: help raise money by making us your designated charity for your sporting event. If you’re participating in one, speak to us to see if we are an affiliated charity, and if we’re not, we will do everything we can to become one.


Please contact Christine Shao to discuss fundraising and donations.