The P3 Family

THE P3 ADVISORY BOARD comprises representatives of P3's members, networks and other partners. It functions as an advisory body to P3. Its primary focus is to strengthen member engagement and to support P3’s strategic direction.

Tuvia Borok P3

TUVIA BOROK, Co-Founder & Co-Chair,
Tuvia is a proud, professional, parent, and a single dad to a primary school aged son adopted in London in 2012. Tuvia fully understands the competing priorities of being the best father he can be with striving to succeed in his career. Tuvia was awarded one of four 'Rising Stars Under 40' (in the UK) awards in 2014. He is passionate about progressing the diversity dialogue and ensuring employers appreciate the multi-faceted diversity of LGBT parents. Tuvia is a senior member of the legal department at Goldman Sachs.  

Elizabeth Hartney P3

Elizabeth is a proud, professional, parent. She is the mother of two daughters and a son in their early teens.  Having taken a career break when her children were younger, Elizabeth now balances the demands of parenting with those of a city career. Whilst there are many initiatives aimed at LGBT professionals and an increasing number for working parents, Elizabeth would like to see a stronger representation of LGBT parents in the workplace. Elizabeth is a finance solicitor at an international law firm.

Shefali Gera

Gary is a proud, professional, parent. He and his husband, Simon, adopted their son in 2013. The growth of their family prompted a significant adjustment from a dual-income to an effective single-income household. Following a full year of adoption leave, Simon decided to devote himself to being the primary caregiver full-time, changed careers and now parts part-time for an adoption charity. Gary is the primary earner and works in aviation finance for an American financial institution, where he is involved in his LGBT group. He joined P3 because it sits at the intersection between being out professionally as LGBT and being out professionally as a parent.

John Gibson

Shefali is a professional parent. Married to Amit, they have one daughter, Aaria. As an ally advisory member to P3, Shefali is particularly focused on ensuring LGBT colleagues feel supported and understood as they look to balance their careers with personal commitments. Shefali is a member of the global talent development team for an international American investment bank where as part of her remit she focuses on strategic initiatives to drive LGBT inclusivity, internally and externally.

Adam is a proud professional. He and his husband Rupert are aspiring fathers and excited to grow their family. Adam is an LGBT advocate and is grateful that his passion for equality and inclusion has become his career.  Adam is a Senior Diversity and Inclusion Executive at a global law firm.

Alice Mu

Alice is a proud, professional, parent, and together with her wife, Christine, have a little girl, Charlotte, conceived through donor insemination in 2010. Balancing the demands of work and family is an ongoing theme, but the rewards of parenthood far outweigh the challenges. A key focus for Alice is building a network of LGBT families to ensure children of LGBT families do not feel different or isolated in their communities. Alice works for one of the Big Four and is a senior member in its Strategy Consulting business.

Jules Quinn P3

Jules is a professional parent, and is married to Damian with two children, Lizzie and Charlie. Jules sits as the ally advisory member to P3. As an ally, Jules wants to support LGBT parents and their children and promote an understanding of their rights and the challenges we all face as parents. Jules is a partner at a global law firm and heads the Labour & Employment team in the London office. 

Richard Westoby

Richard is a proud, professional, parent. He is married to Steven and has boy/girl twins born through surrogacy in the US in 2012. For 2 years, Richard took a career break and was a stay-at-home dad, whilst Steven continued to work. Richard now works as a consultant to family offices during the day, and in the evenings and weekends is an advocate for intended parents looking to create a family through international surrogacy.

Emma Woollcott

Emma is a proud, professional, parent. She and her wife have a young son, born in 2015. Having recently returned to work after maternity leave, Emma is new to the challenge of balancing parenting with a demanding career, and she is committed to making both work. She founded and co-chairs the Pride+ network at her law firm, and is keen to foster greater support for LGBT parents in law and across the City. Emma is a Legal Director at Mischon de Reya, specialising in Reputation Protection.

OUR TEAM - we depend on the generous volunteering of our team members; their time and skills are greatly appreciated.

Michael Newton P3

MICHAEL NEWTON, Head of Operations,
Michael comes from a single parent family of 5 children, and moved to London 7 years ago upon completion of his Criminology degree. Prior to P3, Michael ran a series of workshops over a number of years coaching and working directly with children who lacked in self-esteem and confidence, and their families, who were suffering academically as a result. Having seen the impact this had on their lives over the last 15 years pushed him to get involved with P3 because of the life changing impact it had on the family unit. Michael is the Senior European Account Manager for the European office of the event management software company, Cvent.

P3 - Ryan Nelson

RYAN NELSON, Social Media/Digital Coordinator,
Ryan is Senior Manager for Digital at London's Barbican Centre, with over 10 years experience working in digital comms strategy in the arts, charity and education sectors. He is passionate about championing LGBT diversity and is excited to join P3 in opening up the definition of family to embrace alternative and non-traditional models. In his spare time, Ryan is training as an aerialist at National Centre for Circus Arts.


HELEN KHAN-DIAS, Sports Coordinator,
Helen is a Senior Change Consultant with over 15 years' experience of working within investment banking. She passionately believes in supporting LGBT parents and prospective parents within the workplace. She would like to create an environment where likeminded professionals can share experiences and ideas socially. Helen is a much loved aunt to 3 young active children, and would like to start her own family in the future. She loves to participate in extreme sporting activities.

Salim Stephenson

SALIM STEPHENSON, Community Outreach Coordinator,
Salim is a proud, professional parent.  He had his baby son, Felix, through IVF in the US.  Salim is a graduate in both media and law, and a member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives.  He currently works for US law firm Morrison & Foerster LLP as a paralegal in its Capital Markets Group, specializing in private placement transactions, and studies part-time evenings for his Legal Practice Course qualification at BPP Law School.  Salim sits on the London Diversity Committee at work and continues to fly the flag for LGBT parents’ rights, which is why he supports P3 as a volunteer in the role.

James Sillito (P3)

JAMES SILLITO, Jr Media Coordinator,
James grew up in a small surfer's village in West Wales before moving to Bristol to record an album with his band. James has jumped feet first into London to pursue his passion of working in the music oriented side of advertising. Hearing about P3, James was interested straight away. Raised by a single mother who worked three jobs, and being a gay individual himself, P3 is a cause James feels passionate about as it can support people who aren't aware that support of P3's kind exists. James would like children of his own in the future, and helping people today understand more about LGBT families will make it easier for the generations of LGBT parents and their children to come.  

Joshua Douglas P3

JOSHUA DOUGLAS, Communications Coordinator
Joshua is currently in his final year at university, studying Graphic Arts and Design. He specialises in illustration and computer graphics. Joshua is excited to be involved with an organisation that is passionate about people. He relishes the opportunity to explore different projects, meet new people, and to contribute to making someone else's life better in the best way he can.