Leadership Team

We’re a small, collaborative team (all volunteers!) and we’re passionate about changing the world to make it inclusive and accepting of all families no matter how non-traditional or under-represented they are.

Tuvia Borok P3

TUVIA BOROK, Co-Founder & CEO, tuvia@thep3network.com

Tuvia is a proud, professional, parent, and a single dad to a primary school aged son adopted in London in 2012. Tuvia fully understands the competing priorities of being the best father he can be with striving to succeed in his career. Tuvia was awarded one of four 'Rising Stars Under 40' (in the UK) awards in 2014. He is passionate about progressing the diversity dialogue and ensuring employers appreciate the multi-faceted diversity of LGBT parents. Tuvia is a senior member of the legal department at Goldman Sachs.  


MICHAEL NEWTON, COO, michael@thep3network.com

Michael is a proud professional with the technology sector, with around 10 years experience in the event, mobile and SEO space. Coming from a large single parent family, he understands the diversity of family, and believes that opinions need to be changed of what is 'normal'. Michael was diagnosed with HIV in 2012 and has used his passion for diversity and inclusion to help breakdown stigmas associated with this disease by being a voice. Michael is a senior member of the account management department at Cvent.


KATHRYN BRYANT, Head of Partnerships, kathryn@thep3network.com

Kathryn is a proud professional,  is director of her own healthcare management consultancy and hopes to be a parent too one day. She moved to London from Australia, 17 years ago with the aim to experience life in the UK.  She is passionate about being involved and helping the LGBT community and over the years has volunteered for The London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard and been a member of the OUTstanding  network’s mentorship programme. Kathryn is honoured to be part of P3 and understands that through collaboration and partnerships, the network of information, support  and experience will be far reaching to enable the LGBT community fulfil their dreams and have a family.


CHRISTINE SHAO, Head of Finance, christine@thep3network.com

Christine is a proud parent of a daughter conceived through donor-insemination in 2010.  She and her partner would like to further expand their family and are exploring options through adoption or surrogacy. Becoming a mother has been an incredible journey and Christine has enjoyed developing new skills at the same time with her daughter - learning to ski,  play piano and swim together - and generally experiencing life through the eyes of a child. Being the only LGBT family in her daughter's nursery and school, it was particularly important to Christine that her daughter meet children from non-traditional families and understand the richness that diversity can bring. Christine is excited to join the P3 family and work towards a more diverse and inclusive society.